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Whether you’re preparing to move and need to downsize or are cleaning up a relative’s estate after they pass, turn to Attic to the Basement LLC to help with professional estate sale management services. Our estate sales company has years of experience in tag sales, moving salesestate sales and liquidation sales. We take the guesswork and most of the physical labor off of your hands.

Our estate sales company has a solid team that knows how to research and properly price items to sell to interested dealers and consumers. We understand the little details, like displaying your items for maximum visual impact and accommodating a smooth flow of foot traffic. We’ll set you up for a safe and profitable sale.

Trust Your Estate Jewelry with Attic to the Basement

When it comes to estate sales, particularly those involving valuable and sentimental items such as jewelry, coin collections, and silver, trust is paramount. Attic to the Basement provides professional estate sale services that ensure your treasured items are handled with the utmost care, expertise, and transparency. Our team of experienced professionals understands the sentimental and monetary value of these pieces and is dedicated to providing a seamless, respectful process from start to finish. Choosing Attic to the Basement means entrusting your valuables to a team with a deep understanding of estate jewelry and collectibles. We utilize our extensive market knowledge and connections to accurately appraise your items, ensuring you receive fair market value. Our transparent pricing process gives you peace of mind, knowing that your valuables are being evaluated and sold for their true worth.

Examples of Estate Jewelry & Collectables We Handle:

Gold Necklaces

From delicate chains to intricate designs, we assess the purity and craftsmanship to determine the best value.


Including bangles, cuffs, and charm bracelets, our experts evaluate each piece for its gold content, design, and overall appeal.


Whether simple studs or elaborate dangles, we consider factors such as metal purity, design, and any gemstones included.

Rings with Precious Stones

From engagement rings to heirloom pieces, we evaluate the stones and settings to provide a fair market value.

Costume Jewelry

While often less valuable than fine jewelry, costume pieces can still hold significant value, especially vintage or designer items.


These decorative pieces are appraised based on their design, materials, and any historical significance they may hold.

Gold Eagle Coins and Coin Collections

Our specialists understand the numismatic value and historical significance of coin collections, ensuring accurate appraisals.

Silverware Collections

From sterling silver flatware sets to antique serving pieces, we evaluate the purity, condition, and craftsmanship to provide accurate appraisals and pricing.
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Founder of Attic to the Basement

A message from our founder, Tara,

Thank you so much for stopping by our site! My staff and I understand how stressful moving or settling an estate can be. We are here to support you and ease the process with our expertise. The good news is that Americans of all ages are actively visiting estates and moving sales, looking for everything from kitchenware to children's furniture, garage equipment, bicycles, antiques collectibles, art and so much more. I have been in this deeply fulfilling business for 10 years and before that was a buyer and reseller of vintage collectibles. We now see more people of all ages, each with his or her unique story, creating new chapters with each sale they visit. If an estate sale is a book - you are the blank page, the buyers are the words, and my team is the publisher. We have a spirited and devoted following that includes collectors, resellers, and people who enjoy the thrifty secondhand lifestyle. Those that happily feather their nests and add to their closets. We look forward to connecting with you! Call today at 732-778-7674 to learn more.

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Our team will prep for your estate sale while A Shore Thing will handle the clean-out service.

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